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It is with great gratitude that we write this acknowledgement of George Madden.

It was very apparent he had significant experience and knowledge of the market. He was very professional, conscientious, and motivated. After explaining what other homes sold for in our area he suggested an asking price and provided outstanding advice about how to prepare our home for sale. This was on Wednesday and on Friday he called us and said we have an offer, we accepted and it was SOLD! George Madden comes highly recommended by the Creightons.

Bill & Betty C.

Without question, you were clearly the best of all those we worked with, not only for this move, but also for our other 6 moves over the last 20 years.

Your thoroughness, responsiveness to our questions and information requests, and your ability to understand what our needs were and show us homes that suited us versus the normal approach of showing what the realtor wanted, were very impressive. Probably for the first time I felt I was really dealing with a business professional in the residential real estate field. Keep up the good work, George, as in your profession as well as mine and all others, those who provide good service and put the customer first will continue to be the winners.

Craig W.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your professionalism, expertise and consideration in assisting me to purchase and sell my home in Cincinnati.

Your knowledge and experience proved to be invaluable in locating the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood at the right ptice. When it was time for me to move and sell my house, there was no doubt I would agaiin seek out your assistance. Your guidance and research in assessing a fair market value of my house was reassuring. Your integrity necessitated identifying what improvements needed to be done to the house so it would be more appealing to buyers, and your assistance in seeing that further repairs were done after I moved out of state was above and beyond what I expected in a real estate agent.

Chet W.

Thank you for the outstanding job in listing and selling our home!

We felt that it was well positioned to sell in the market, however, we in no way expected it to sell in less than 48 hours. We also did not expect to have competing offers allowing us to realize more than the asking price of the home. ... your handling of the property was a major factor in this sale. Your attention to detail was second to none! We greatly appreciate the thorough job that you did and your advice to us as we prepared the house for sale. Having moved many times, the job you did outshines all of the other agents we have worked with. Thank you again...and do you sell houses in Texas?

Terry & Mary Beth L.

Thank you so very much for helping my family during this difficult period of selling our Mother's home as she went into Assisted Living.

There were a lot of feelings attached to every stage of the process and we could not have done it without you! Your professionalism and also your care about our Mother was very reassuring as we put her home in your hands. Your research about the market and houses for sale and comparisons was really informative and very thorough. We appreciated your tips on getting her house ready to sell. Your ability to set the price correctly enabled us to get the house sold quickly but also give us the amount of money we needed for our Mother's care. Your quick response to our questions was wonderful too. Thank you for taking a stressful situation and turning it into a huge relief so we can now focus on taking care of our Mom and also getting our lives a bit more back to normal.

Judy C.

I am writing to let you know how impressed I was with George Madden.

Because of the circumstances of my having to sell my house, George worked or should I say guided me through each & every step. Every question I asked him, no matter how trivial, he answered & if he didn't know the answer he found out for me. George was so nice that he even drove through a snow storm to pick me up for my closing! Now that's dedication! Selling your house is truly not an easy task but having someone who truly cares & is willing to go that extra mile for you makes it all so easy.

Maureen M.

Back in June when we first contacted you, I didn't think that there was any chance we would be able to purchase a home.

Through your vast knowledge of the Real Estate business and lenders you were able to find someone to give us a chance. I will be ever grateful to you. I would also like to thank you for your professional work ethic in all the negotiations, contracts and closing of the loan. You were always just a phone call away anytime we needed to ask a question.

Roger & Jill S.

George Madden, by far & away, is the most superior agent we've worked with.

He is very patient, knowledgeable, thorough, & truly interested in ensuring his clients get the best possible deal. When we sell, we'll be asking for George!

Gerald K.

Thank you for working so hard and using your God-given talents in helping us in our house hunting journey.

We felt at complete peace with you as our guide and representative through the process. At every step along the way, you prepared us in advance with explanations on what to expect and how to proceed. Your character and your diligence gave us assurance that we were in the right hands during this competitive, fast-moving housing market. Honestly, you made it a pleasant experience! It was because you went above and beyond all our expectations. And in conclusion, we really got the home we wanted in a beautiful, quiet location. Thank you, George. You are the best!

David & Pat H.

What impressed us most, was your market analysis and the subsequent updates which were done frequently enough to keep us up on just what activity was out there.

As you know, we have moved several times and we can honestly say that we have never had anyone work harder to sell our home. We have had many experiences moving over our 59 years of marriage, but none was better than our experience with you. Thanks again. We wanted to make certain that you knew how much we valued your professionalism and your friendship.

Lyn & Dorothy S.

Mr Madden's approach was very professional and low-keyed-exhibiting a sense of confidence and knowledge which kept us at ease during the entire process-a process that went quickly and smoothly.

Considering that this all took place during a very difficult market, as well as during a time of tragic family loss, he helped us maintain direction-his caring nature was something for which we will be forever grateful and we will always hold George in our highest regards. We clearly made the right choice.

John & Sandy V.

I've long known Mr Madden to be an honest, caring individual, as well as a devoted family man.

As I assumed they would, Mr. Madden's system of values carried over into his real estate practices, and his business ethics are every bit as strong as his many personal virtues. What impressed me most about George Madden's approach to the purchase of my home was his attention to detail. I'm well aware that my purchase of a condominium was certainly not a "make-or-break" financial deal for Mr. Madden. Yet the attention I received was, I feel, no different from what he would have given someone considering a million dollar home. Ultimately, I ended up with a home that is well-suited to my needs, and one with which I am truly happy, thanks largely to George's efforts. Having said all this, I would highly recommend George Madden to anyone who is considering the purchase of a new home. He is a conscientious individual who will work to fulfill the wants and needs of any buyer. I can confidently say that anyone who works with George Madden will be treated with the utmost of service from an experienced professional who truly cares about his work and his clients.

Jack K.

Just a note of high praise for George Madden.

After a disappointing run with another real estate agency in town our neighbor suggested George. The minute we met him my wife and I knew instantly we would be making the switch. We were impressed with his high degree of professionalism and his thoroughness. It was little things. He would arrive in his car in shirt and tie, but always put on his suit jacket before coming to the door. I imagine others do the same but there was something about his manner that said it was important to look professional. He exuded a quiet confidence. No hype, not even a hint of overselling-just a calm demeanor that made you feel like, "This guy is gonna sell our house." And he did his homework. He didn't just rely on years of experience. He provided a detailed market analysis using county records, school rankings and contractor and homebuilder information to help us be competitive with other homes. He had done more in a few days than our previous realtor had done in their first month. I would recommend George to anyone. If you can get him, do it; if you can't... well, I'm sure you'll sell your home eventually. Hat's off, Mr. Madden, and thanks for being a real class act.

Bruce & Allyson M.

I know we have written a letter of thanks to you in the past, but we are so happy with the sale of my mom's house and our recent cottage property that we had to send another letter of appreciation!

Your expertise and network of people was so helpful in dealing with the estate issues for my mom. Your patience, direction, and perserverance made the difference in the deal going through. Whether it was the guidance on our first home sale, the helpful suggestions on items to address at our last home, the quick scheduling for the purchase of our current home, or the valued experience on our more recent transactions, we have always been impressed by your professionalism! What more can we say than we were so glad we chose your services so many years ago, we stuck with you, and we will be your client for any future transactions.

Nathan & Leah B.

We had high expectations for your services based on the recommendation from our friends, but we had no idea how dedicated you really were to making the process as straightforward and painless as possible.

On several occasions, as you know, we were faced with unexpected turns in the selling and closing process, and your guidance and professionalism were extremely valuable in helping us complete the sale of our home. During the closing of our home and looking back on the process now, both Janna and I realized how lucky we were to have you on our side. We can't thank you enough for all you were willing to do to help us along the way. The experience you have from your many years as a realtor, and personal dedication to your job and the people you represent, are unmatched in the real estate business. Thanks again for everything!

Ryan & Janna E.

We believe his record speaks for itself.

When you list a home with George you can expect nothing but the best! George is recognized as one of the top agents in the Greater Cincinnati area, (and) he lives up to his reputation. George is professional, ethical, dependable & so hard working. We will call on George for our next sale, We believe his commitment is unmatched. George is honest, hard working, knowledgeable, & has a great sense of humor. Selling a home can be very stressful. George with his calm demeanor, experience & helpful advice makes selling a home a breeze. George Madden is the man for the job. He's the best!!!

Sue & Steve R.

Mr Madden kept me informed and offered wonderful advice when both selling my old home and buying a new one.

I have used George in the past as well as other family members. They were also equally impressed. Mr Madden is a kind, intelligent, and trustworthy individual and his years of experience are evident in his actions and work ethics and results. I am honored to nominate him (for the Celebrate Excellence award).

Julie M.

You have set the platinum standard for a good experience!

With respect to the sale of our old house, we thank you for your guidance in converting the house into "A George Madden Listing". Your insight into making a house competitive in an awful real estate market was invaluable. We sold the old house within a reasonable time and at a good price when others could not sell their house or did so at a loss. We had "The George Madden Advantage". With respect to the purchase of our new home, you were attentive to the characteristics of a house that would make it our Home. Your market research was infallible. Your ability to calmly persuade the selling agent of a fair purchase price was remarkable. George, we are grateful for your dedication and service. We appreciate how you worked with us both on Christmas and New Year's Eve. We thank you for holding our hands through the roller coaster rides for both transactions.

John & Kathy K.

Pam and I wantd to say "Thank You" for all of your efforts on our behalf over the past 4 decades as you helped us buy/sell 5 homes in the Cincinnati area.

Since we were not originally from Ohio and with no pre-existing contacts in the real estate field it was always comforting to know that we could count on you for the straight scoop. As I think back on all of our transactions, we very much appreciated your flexibility and willingness to guide us through each of the unexpected issues that always seem to come up in finding the right property and getting through closing. Despite my experience negotiating many contracts in my field it was great to know that we had a veteran pro on our side of the table. We also want to say thanks for not ever giving up on finding the homes that Pam wanted at the time. Your patience was greatly appreciated in each case. Finally George, we wold whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone considering a real estate ove in the Cincinnati area. They will be just as happy as we have been for many years.

Steve and Pam R

As you know, buying and selling a house are usually very strenuous times.

You took our situation (which could have been difficult) and made the whole process extremely easy. This is a note of thanks. I have been in sales almost 20 years and you are definitely the most professional, fair and concerned man I have ever dealt with.

Greg & Tammy S.

We have known George Madden for more that 10 years.

During that time, we have found him to be a person of the utmost integrity and one who possesses decades of real estate knowledge and experience. Several years ago, our son in law, who resides in Michigan, had property in the Cincinnati area which he wished to sell. We recommended George Madden. Our son in law was extremely impressed with George's professionalism, thorough guidance and handling of the entire process. The sale went smoothly and was completed in a timely manner. When it came time to sell our house, we naturally turned to George. During the process, which George explained thoroughly, he always kept us up to date with showings, feedback, etc. There were no surprises. From listing through closing, we were extremely satisfied. We highly recommend George Madden for your real estate needs.

Stu & JoPat C.

George was recommended to us by members of my family and after my wife Mary and I listened to the service he had to offer we didn't bother to look at any other realtors.

I guess we were impressed. He showed us a veritable volume of reviews and recommendations and I am happy to add one more to that pile of praise. George stood by us and accomodated our every need. In the process, he kept me from making the mistake of selling out for too little profit. He had excellent advice and provided us with high quality contractors who helped me fix problems with the new house as well as with the old house.... Whenever I needed information and contacted George he was there at the other end of the cell phone. I can't remember a single instance when George did not return a call immediately. Moreover, he made it a habit to call me with happy information such as an offer was made or that the sale was becoming more of a done deal which meant a lot to me, as I was feeling much anxiety holding 2 mortgages and having to manage 2 houses. He steered us to the end successfully to the final closing. In closing, I ould very nighly recommend using George as your next realtor of choice. It was wonderful to make his acquiantance and I consider myself lucky to have associated with him over the past several months.

Tom & Mary F.

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a home, we would highly recommend you give George Madden a call.

When we decided to sell our home, we did not know who to call or where to start. Being inexperienced with buying and selling we needed a lot of help. We had noticed one name a lot in our area---that of George Madden. We also noticed that he had been successful in selling a lot of homes in our area. We felt it was important to have a realtor who was familiar with the neighborhood around us. We called George and he was most helpful and patient with us in starting the process of getting our home ready to put on the market. We appreciated that he always kept us informed about what was happening. No one can guarantee that your home will sell in 9 days (as ours did), but we can guarantee that George will do everything in his power to market your home. He certainly gives 110% to the process. We would highly, highly recommend George Madden as your realtor!

Richard & Mary P.

We met with George and another realtor to discuss putting our house on the market and that's when we knew George would work hard to help us sell our home and find another home.

George impressed us with his knowledge of the current market and suggested small improvements we could make to boost our bottom line. After only 4 days on the market, our house had two offers! Five months after the sale of our home, we found the right one for us. In a very competitive market, we had to act fast. Each day that a potential house came on the market, George was quick to make an appointment so that we could see that particular house. For our current home, we were the 8th family to see it that day, and one of three offers made. He guided us through the in's and out's of making an offer and we are happy to report that the homeowner accepted our offer! George even met me at my workplace and I signed the papers on the hood of a car! George is a professional. We wouldn't recognize him without his suit! He has the experience that is necessary to help guide you through the entire process, both buying and selling a house. He has connections. He knew both the realtors that represented our (buyers) and the homeowner that we eventually bought from. We felt that was a benefit to us, because the other realtors know his character and that he is honest. We are so excited to be settling in to our new home and all the happy memories that we plan on making here! Thanks, George, for your hand in making all this happen.

Mike & Kim J.

Just wanted to take this time to express our gratitude for your professional handling of the sale of our home in Cincinnati.

Our main concern(s) prior to selling our house were that it be handled in a professionally, communication with our listing agent was active and that we could depend on you for good sound advice. You performed all of these duties and much more. You also made the relocation experience a smooth one through your expertise and knowledge which in turn meant we received the optium price for our home. We highly recommend you to anyone considering you as their listing agent. Because our house sold in only 6 days, you will always be remembered as "Money" Madden.

OJ & Lisa S.

Moving is not for the faint-hearted.

But having George Madden as our real estate agent made our move possible. It was wonderful to put the marketing and sale of our first home in the hands of an experienced professional. Throughout the process, George communicated with us often and well, letting us know if our experience was typical. George is a good person to have "on your side." At one point George worked late into the night on our offer. He came to our house ay midnight to get our signatures, and we were not a bit surprised to open the door and see him in his suit. If we ever move back to Cincinnati, we will call George first.

Debi & Jim D.

It is with great pleasure that we recommend George Madden's services when we sold/purchased our home.

George always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He is definitely a hard worker that always looked out for what was best for us. In addition to his excellent sales accomplishments, he has proven that someone that "does it right" gets the job done. His good judgement and foresight in selling our home and viewing every home we were interested in brought us to the best decision we could have made. George will be suggested to anyone we run into needing any realty needs, and we are happy to give him our wholehearted endorsement.

Ryan & Heather C.

We still talk about how grateful we are that you were our realtor.

Your knowledge and suggestions resulted in the quick sale of our home. Your calm, wise advice kept us from buying the wrong home. With the advantage of hindsight, we can now see that it was only your integrity that saved us from a very big mistake. Thank you for being true to your values, even when it ultimately resulted in a lost commission. Your selfless devotion to your clients is apparent in all you do. Because you were always honest with us, we knew that we could trust your sound advice and seasoned instincts. We are happy to recommend you to anyone who has real estate needs, for we are certain they will receive quality and personal attention.

Jeff and Becky F.

We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the hard work and dedication of George Madden in selling our home and in buying a new one.

After meeting and working with other agents in the past, we were extremely impressed by his professionalism and knowledge of the real estate industry. Due to his integrity and experience in the field we valued his input on our situation. He was always open and honest with us and gave us realistic goals based on current real estate trends. George's very thorough Market Analysis was invaluable in helping us determine a fair asking price. He was always there for us through the entire process, leading us through any obstacle that arose. George was extremely easy to work with and always had the answers to our questions before we even asked them. We never doubted putting our trust in him through this very emotional time. He continued his support and extreme patience with us in searching for our new home. This led us to finding our new home which we love! We cannot say enough to express our gratitude to him for everything he did and helped us with. We are thrilled with the end result, and would not hesitate to contact him again or recommend him to anyone in need of buying or selling real estate.

Julie & David B.

We would like to take this opportunity to commend you and thank you for the wonderful job you did selling our house.

As first time homeowners, we have never had to sell a house before and you made the whole experience as enjoyable as possible. You were professional, knowledgeable, thorough and assertive in all matters pertaining to the sale of our home. As our listing broker you offered us excellent advice. We knew you always had our best interest in mind and for that we are most grateful. Thank you again George for all of your experience and professionalism. We have referred you to all of our Cincinnati friends. Please feel free to list us as a reference for any future clients, we would be thrilled to provide you with a glowing report.

Dan & Maggie H.

...thank you for your professionalism throughout the listing and sale of our home in Monroe Township, as well as the purchase of our "downsized" retirement home here in the Eastgate area. Your advice during the sales process was right on target. I truly believe if we hadn't listed with you, that home would still be on the market. Your analysis of the home's value was also accurate-the result of the excellent research you do, combined with your experience. In a difficult sales market, you sold our one-of-a-kind home, after we had no success with previous listings over 4 years! Thank you, George. We will certainly recommend you to both buyers and sellers who ask us for our opinion an the best real estate professional in Cincinnati.

Marshall M.

You are truly a consumate professional in every sense, & I really appreciated all your efforts on my behalf, especially, your careful & very prompt attention to even the seemingly smallest detail!

You're such a gentleman as well George & I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you with the greatest of confidence to anyone looking for a competent & knowledgeable real estate broker.

Debi D.

Our first introduction to the George Madden business style was through the packet of client letters you had sent us.

Dozens of people described you as a man of high integrity and concern for the clients' needs. On paper, you sounded just like the type of agent we were lookig for, but was it all just good marketing? We soon found out that you are the real deal. From the very beginning, you took great care to get to know us not as clients, but as people. Who we are, what our needs are, and how our various dreams would fit together into the ideal house for us. You patiently answered hundreds of questions from these first-time homebuyers, with knowledge about the neighborhoods, the market, and even the cost of repairs on houses we were considering. I felt as if you guided us through the process as you would have your own children, finding us a great mortgage deal, explaining the minutiae of the contract, and negotiating with, well, some rather trying sellers. In fact, what most underscored the Christian man behind the agent, was watching you keep your cool under--and even work to diffuse--some extremely difficult situations! Thank you, George, for not only living up to, but surpassing the expectations those letters set.

Chris & Jenny K.

He did it by George!

While out looking for properties for sale, we saw (a) condo with a sign in front saying SOLD by George. Having been in the business years ago, I knew George well and had done various real estate transactions with him in the past. He was always a professional , honest and dedicated hard worker. We called George. Within 24 hours, he had lined up 5 showings for us. It was exciting to have someone who would at least work with us. He continued daily to work with us, One day he totally nailed it! We made an offer on our perfect condo. George was superior in his negotiation skills. We bought it! He then prepared the most in depth market analysis I've ever seen (and I have seen and prepared many myself). He listed our house and sold it full price on the first day of showings. There was a lot of hard work on George's part, but he was in step with us through moving day. He's the best by George!!

Joan & Bryan L.

We just wanted to tell you how very glad we are to have met you while house-hunting.

From the moment we met, Steve & I felt at ease with you and realized you were a cut-above most real estate agents we had encountered. Your professional demeanor gave us confidence in the buying of our new home, & we were even more grateful for your assistance in selling our old home. A daunting task in itself, preparing to sell a home with a 1 year-old and a dog underfoot is even more challenging. But with your suggestions, we were able to showcase our home so successfully that it sold in an amaing 48 hours! Having someone we could trust with your experience throughout the whole process was a huge relief .... You are a credit to the real estate business.

Steve & Rhonda H.

Obviously, the faith and confidence I had in you when you first helped me relocate to Cincinnati has made you the family realtor!

Does this now make over a dozen buy/sells for me, my family and extended family? When I proposed moving back to Cincinnati, Stacey was very nervous as she had only ever lived in California. I explained to her that if we tell you exactly what we want, you find the perfect fit in not only a home, but a location that fits our lifestyle. And as has been true for my family and I in the past, you came through again with the perfect match. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and the various members of my family. We love our home and Stacey is enjoying Cincinnati.

David & Stacey M.

... with deep gratitude, we wanted to thank you for the exceptional service and follow through that you provided in regards to the sale of our property.... Having been associated with the real estate industry some 20 years ago, I know a true professional when I meet one. Without exception, you are the most ethical, knowledgeable, hard working real estate professional I have ever met. It has been a pleasure working with you, George, and we can assure you that your name will surface, and be highly recommended, whenever we know of someone interested in buying or selling a home. You are a true asset to your company and the real estate profession in general. Personally, we can't iagine being represented by anyone else.

Bob G.

Our decision to secure you as our listing agent was based on your professionalism, wisdom, and earnest approach to real estate.

The in-depth market analysis you provided was remarkable and became an invaluable instrument to us in appropriately pricing our home. Additionally, your immense experience in the field renders you a breadth of knowledge that you articulately presented, enlightening us on the whole process of selling a home. Moreover, your kind attention and honest approach made us feel extremely confident in your ability to sell our house. Ultimately, George, you gained our respect. Without a doubt, we would recommend you to any person wishing to secure the BEST real estate agent. You have far surpassed our level of expectations in a real estate agent, and the high expectations you place on yourself assures us that you will continue to achieve the highest level of respect from other homeowners.

Randy & Judy S.

It was great to work with George!

He was great with communication, collaboration, and kept the clients' best interests at the forefront over our lengthy transaction period. When most agents would have been fatigued by a 4 month process and abandoned most duties, George did not! He kept utmost professionalism, integrity, accountability, respect, trust and inclusion along the way and alogside me in lock step. Though we represented clients across the table, I felt a true sense of partnership with him from start to finish. I would absolutely welcome the opportunity to do business with George again! And, we need more professionals like George in the Real Estate Business--those who take it seriously, treat it professionally, prevent/avoid drama, game plying and added stressors. Well done! Thank you and congrats to you and your clients too George Madden!

Jillian L

Thank you for making our dream come true!

We love our home and we thank you all the time for having it all come true. I hope in the coming year I can tell someone about you and how you worked with us and (how) you will work for them to make their dream also come true.

Kathy A.

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did selling our home.

You gave us great advice and insight on how to best prepare our house for the market and what things should get the priority with our time. Finally, you sold our house in no time! You gave us wise advice when it came to getting offers and back up offers on our home. When we ran into bumps in the road with things out of our control, you went above and beyond to make sure everyone else got their part accomplished to help us close on time. Thanks for being such a blessing.

Matt & Alicia R.

To sell my home of 84 years was (a) hard thing to do.

Your kind manner and professionalism made the difference!

Merle C.

When we decided to put our home n the market, we interviewed 3 agents.

You were by far the most detailed and thorough in your estimate and neighborhood analysis. We felt confident that you had a handle on the market, and knew that your listing price was the most realistic. You took your time explaining processes with us and gave us manageable suggestions to make the most impact with the least change. Minimize and organize! I really appreciated how you kept in constant communication with us.... You were quick to follow up with agents who showed our home and gave us feedback right away. The best part of our selling story was at the end though. It was the beginning of December, and Todd and I had talked and prayed about taking our house off the market. We thought maybe we had jumped the gun on God's plan, and that maybe taking a break during the holidays was the way to go. I called you on a Wednesday morning to tell you we had decided to take it off the market and you told me you'd call me back that afternoon to talk paperwork. When you called however, it was to tell me that another agent was interested in showing our house that next day! We agreed, more out of curiosity than hope. After the showing Thursday morning, you called us that afternoon to share that the buyers were very interested in our house and another around the corner. You told us that they were planning on scheduling a second showing that coming Monday and would likely make a quick decision. We went into a panic at the thought that we might actually get an offer! You quickly arranged houses for us to see that weekend, as we had NO idea where we would move if we actually sold! By Monday night we had an offer, and you led us through the counteroffer process with great knowledge and patience. In the meantime, Todd had found a lot on which we could build! Tuesday night at 5 pm, we had an offer on our house in hand, ready to sign, and you helped us make an offer on the lot we found. Everything went very well, and you helped both transactions close smoothly. There is no doubt in my mind that you were the right man for this job. Your experience and knowledge is beyond compare. I always felt like I could defer to your judgement in a situation and feel comfident we were in good hands. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help in all of our transition!

Todd & Karin E.

I'd like to commend George Madden as an exceptional realtor in the Cincinnati area.

George represented us when we bought our home in 2013, and we were so impressed with him as a person we asked him to do it again when we sold 4 years later. Some realtors are shrewd bussinesspeople, but lack principle. Others are very honorable, but lack the skill to move a sale forward in an effective manner. George is, in my experience, a rare combination of both-an insightful and sharp realtor with a deep sense of integrity. That makes him trustworthy in terms of his honesty and his ability to make a sale happen. Following George's solid advice for the staging, listing, and showing allowed us to sell the house the day we listed, and at a comfortable profit. We appreciated his organization and his quick and consistent updates regarding even the smallest details regarding our sale. He was concerned about basic kindness and fairness to both our buyer and us and never acted as if our more-meager listing was any less important than the half-million dollar sales he regularly closes. If you need a realtor who can skillfully guide you through the entire selling (process), contact George. You won't regret it!

Rob & Shawnee F.

Holly and I would like to thank you for the spectacular job you accomplished on selling our home.

... Not only did you obtain full asking price, you completed a deal within 3 days of listing our home on the market. Your excellent knowledge of the Anderson Township area allowed you to do a superb market analysis of our home, which maximized the profit which we gained from our sale. Thanks again George for making our move such a great experience.

Richard & Holly R.

Debra and I wanted to take a few moments to let you know how much we appreciate your efforts selling our house recently.

We both think you did a fantastic job! I all started when Debra saw one of your "By George" signs which caught her eye. We then had you come out to the house and walk through to get a feel for our property. Using your extensive experience and knowledge you recommended changes, repairs and removals that we didn't see ourselves. We also got a chance to "interview" you and both Debra and I liked your style and demeanor. Debra and I were also impressed with the market analysis you did. You not only came prepared with the Comps but you had also done an analysis of the Comps to help us set our listing price. Your approach was the same approach used by appraisers, was quite methodical and very professional. You also helped us tremendously during the negotiation/contract process. The buyer had a number of requirements as a result of their inspection. You contacted several contractors, got estimates for the repairs requested and helped us with the terms of our counter offer. Your extensive knowledge and experience helped us through the process and resulted in a very favorable outcome. You were with us all the way through and took on additional responsibilities, such as working with the contractors, to take this work off our plates. Debra and I will definitely ask for you the next time we need to buy or sell a property. Additionally, you can count on us to tell all our friends about how positively we feel about our real estate experience because of you.

Mike & Debra S.

Ina and I would like to thank you very much for your high degree of professionalism and friendship.

I don't think that it is an accident that after many months of inactivity (with another agent), you converted everything to a stage of considerable activity. The way in which you went about marketing this house was unusually good. We very much appreciate the final closing. If there is anything that I can do for you or your family, please let me know. Needless to say, you are at the top of my list for recommendations.

Arnold & Ina S.

Eric and I selected George Madden based on his reputation of selling houses in Pierce Township, specifically Legendary Run.

We were very impressed with his matter of fact approach to selling houses. It was very important to sell the house in a timely manner as we were relocating to Texas. Geiorge stressed the importance of staging the home, even noting that once he puts a house on the market it is known to be a "George Madden" listing in excellent condition. We took that to heart and staged our house to give it the look of a model home. It worked - we sold our house in 1 day! We thank George for his experience in helping us sell so quickly!

Angela & Eric W.

Looking back over the last few months, it sweems like a whirlwind.

Having lived in my last home for almost 40 years, the whole process seemed so overwhelming and intimidating. But it all ended up going so well. And I honestly feel that it was, in large part, because of your help and guidance. When I didn't feel confident in me, I thankfully felt confident in you. With each home we toured (and there were quite a few), you listened to my comments, asked questions, pointed out good and bad points, but never pushed. And when it was time to put our house on the market, you offered suggestions, explained the pros and cons, and analyzed the local market in a way that made good sense. In other words, I couldn't have picked a better realtor to work with me. I thank the friend of ine who recomended you. And I hope someday I can pay this forward.

Connie R.

Your pre-sale advice on preparing our house for the market was extremely helpful.

The in-depth market study you prepared and supplied to us for our type of house, neighborhood and location within the neighborhood, your vast experience, and your knowledge of the real estate people you work and compete with daily all proved invaluable in obtaining the maximum value from our house. The unbelievable short time (3 days) our house was on the market was an unexpected added bonus for us as well. We want to thank you for your PROFESSIONAL ADVICE, ATTENTIVENESS TO DETAILS AND ESPECIALLY FOR YOUR DEDICATION TO OUR SALE. We will continue to recommend you as a hard working and extremely valuable resource to those we encounter who are looking to sell or buy a house.

Jim & Cindy S.

We just wanted to thank you so much for everything that you did for us in purchasing our very first home.

With all the problems that ocurred with the lenders, not many realtors would have stuck with us. We also appreciate the fact that you worked so hard and put your reputation on the line in dealing with the other realtor while waiting for all the financing to come through. It was such a comfort to know that we could trust you to look out for our best interest and find us a home that would be exactly what we want. Thank you for your professionalism, your sensitivity, your knowledge and advice, and your concern.

Jim & Susan J.

At the conclusion of our interviews, it became quite clear to us that George Madden was the individual we wanted to list our home.

Upon meeting us, George was prepared with a market analysis and explained to us how he would market our home for fair price with hopes of an early sale. Since our move was a corporate move, we needed someone who could interface with mu company and handle the nuances of a corporate transfer. George proved outstanding in this area and literally took over that responsibility from me and dealt directly with my company in getting the appropriate papers signed, sealed and delivered. When listing your home, I would consider the skills and experience of George Madden. George told us what he would do, when he would do it, and followed through on his word. George is a very credible individual who will take care of your best interest.

Greg D.

So we doubly thank you for all of your hard work in helping us to locate and purchase our dream house.

We were very impressed from our first encounter with you, George with the highly organized and thorough approach you took to working with us. Your attentiveness to our wants and needs showed a true concern for our interests. The other quality that truly sets you apart from other realtors was your persistence in searching for the right home, regardless of what served your best interests. You obviously put your clients first. This combination of qualities as well as your professionalism and hard work has made our transition to the Cincinnati area a smooth one. We are grateful for having had the chance to work with you and would certainly do so in the future should the need arise.

Rob & Diane M.

You are a true professional and by now we consider you a friend.

Not only did you help us so much six years ago when we first bought our home, but when we called on you again this year to help sell our home you were there again doing your very best. We must mention that you went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did you help us with every aspect of selling our home, you also contacted and met with us and several builders and contractors. This went a long way in making us feel comfortable and feel like we were getting onto the "right track" in building our new home. If anyone we know needs someone on their side when it comes to buying or selling, we'll be sure to recommend you.

Gary & Barb B.

We believe that in addition to all the wisdom and knowledge you have accrued over the years, you listen to His voice and guidance, which is probably one of the reasons your career has been such a huge success.

From the beginning of our adventure of buying a new home and then selling our former residence, we could not have been more pleased with the service you provided as our realtor. As I (Debbie) stated on more than one occasion, we are so glad that you are still in the real estate business - after helping us find our first wonderful house over 31 years ago. You helped us manage the entire experience from the start, and it seemed you were always available when we had a question. After quickly locating a beautiful new home, you provided expert guidance as we made an offer and proceeded through the steps to closing. We are now thourughly enjoying the house, and Linny is now living in his excellent school district, without having to make a lengthy commute to and from school from Mt. Healthy. As we prepared the old house for sale, you stayed in contact, and when it was finally ready, you provided wisdom and direction about listing the house. We had no idea we would be receiving three offers before the end of the first day on the market! From the time we accepted the first offer to the closing, it seems like everything went like clockwork, and we were very pleased with the sale price. We attribute this to God and you. Meredith and I would like to thank you for once again coing alongside us in two of the biggest life decisions, that of selling our beloved first house with all of its fond memories, and buying our second home where we are enjoying life and creating even more lasting memories. Thank you again, and may God bless you and your family richly!

Debbie & Meredith H.

John and I would just like to thank you for the wonderful service you provided to us with the sale of our home.

You made a very unsettling experience turn out to be a very positive moment in our lives. Your professionalism and attention to detail regarding the sale of our home went above and beyond anything we had received in the past. Your preparation of the market analysis was very impressive and really shows how serious you take your job and it really shows. Who would have ever thought that 2 days after the sign went in the yard that we would have had a contract?!? We really appreciate the advice and honesty you provided to us to make our decision making process a lot easier. We will always remember how easy it was to sell our home, if you use the right agent. Best of luck and again thank you so much for everything you did, we really appreciate it.

John & Michele D.

Thank you so much for always being available and for being helpful way beyond the call of duty.

I depended on you to guide me through a maze I had never before gone You are a hero! If I hear of anyone house-hunting I will tell them "I know just the person to help: George Madden (if they want a knowledgeable, honest and dedicated agent.

Sandy F.

Two words come to mind when describing George Madden's work ethic, perfection and professional.

After months of having our home on Southerness Dr. in Legendary Run listed for sale, first by owner then with an agency and no offers, we did some further research. We found George's website and were impressed with his credentials. After a meeting with George we listed our house with him. Being a perfectionist myself I was surprised when George pointed out some minor repairs and staging ideas that needed to be addressed but we did as he asked and darn if he wasn't right! He has an eye for the smallest details. He is also meticulous when researching comparable homes on the market and presenting you with a reasonable asking price. After expressing how important the pictures of our home on the MLS were to us George personally took all the pictures and put together the most beautiful presentation of not only pictures but a top notch virtual tour that showed our home in a desirable fashion. When we decided to look for a condo we didn't hesitate to call George. This time I'll add a third "P" to his list of qualities, PATIENCE. There were times I was tired of myself but George (and my husband) both listened to my long list of requests and verbalizing my disappointments but ultimately we found just what we were looking for. We would not hesitate to recommend George to our friends and family when buying or selling a home. Even more important than the attributes we listed, he is the real deal - an honest, trustworthy gentleman we now consider a friend.

Ken & Cheryl G.
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